Quest Hub

Name Recommended level/rebirth VIP Reward Monsters

Demon Helmet Quest 100 No Demon Helmet Demon
Annihilator Quest 100 No Magic Sword or Stonecutter Axe or Teddy Bear or Demon Armor Demon
Death Tower 1000 No Golden Boots or Iron Helmet Necromancer or Orshabaal or Ferumbras or Juggernaut or Undead Dragon or Lost Soul or Hellfire Fighter or Frost Dragon or Nightmare or White Sorcerer
Infinite Manarune Quest 200 000 No Infinite Manarune Headcutter, Orshabaal, Ferumbras
Super UH Quest 10 000 No Super UH Headcutter, Orshabaal, Ferumbras, Betrayed Nigga, MindFreak, Archdruid
Cursed Legs Quest 350 000 No Cursed Legs Freak Ranges, Troll Champion, Laffy Killer
Cursed Helmet Quest 350 000 No Cursed Helmet Troll Champion, Laffy Killer
Banshee Quest 50 000 No Boots of Haste, Magic Plate Armor, Great Shield, Northern Pike Dragon Lord, Banshee, Giant Spider, Warlock, Demon Skeleton,
Ultimate Boss Quest 200 000 No Cursed Armor Troll Champion
The Hookshot Quest 250 000 No Hookshot MindFreak, Fire Devil, Warrior King, Cursed Warrior
Christmas Hat Quest 300 000 No Christmas Hat Freak Ranges, MindFreak, Hellboy, Warrior King, King Kong, Bull Wolf, Egyptian Mummy, Betrayed Nigga, Strong Freak, Snakebite Master, Shorty, Strong Freak
Super SD Quest 300 000 No Super Sd Evul Frog, Betrayed Nigga, Winged Fly, Kung Fu Panda, Archdruid, OldMom, Ferumbras, Ice Witch, HeadCutter, Deadeye Devious, Troll Champion, MindFreak, Headcutter, The Old Widow, Infernatil, Ron The Ripper, Behemoth, Elder Beholder, Warning Black Sheep
Phantoms Old Wand Quest 500 000 No Phantoms Old Wand Devil, Medusa, King Kong, Archdruid, Daredevil, Headcutter
Armadyl Sword Quest 300 000 No Armadyl Sword Warrior King, Captain Sniper, Captain Freak, Strong FreakHeadcutter, Headcutter
Caras Shield Quest 300 000 No Caras Shield HeadCutter, King Kong, Strong Freak, Quest Ranger, Captain Sniper, Captain Freak, Dark Sorcerer
Mega Super SD Quest 500 000 No Mega Super SD Evul Frog, Almighty Force, Betrayed Nigga, Betrayed Nigga
Skull Backpack Quest 300 000 No Skull Backpack Archdruid, Betrayer Of Hell, Hellboy, Almighty Force
Fuck Star Quest 300 000 No Fuck Star Deadly Panda, Hellboy
Ring of Defence Quest 300 000 No Merciful Ring Daredevil
Expert Helmet Quest 1 No Rebirth Helmet Archdruid, Devils Bounty Hunter, Daredevil, Devil, Frosty, Jigsaw, Grizzly Da Bear
Super Pits of Inferno Quest 300 000 No Elemental Sword or Elemental Club Snakebite Master, Rohans Monster, Shorty, Quest Ranger, King Kong, Jigsaw, Dark Sorcerer, Strong Freak, Egyptian Mummy, Troll Champion, Dire Penguin
Dull Quest 1 No Big Butcher Axe Troll Champion, Deadly Panda, Archdruid, Big Foot
Greenish Star Quest 3 No Greenish Star Deadly Panda, Laffy Killer, Rebirth Freak, Daredevil, Archdruid, Big Foot
Monster Outfit Changer Quest 5 No Monster Outfit Changer Deadly Panda, Archdruid, RoHaN'S BoDyGuArD, Energy Overlord, Devils Bounty Hunter, Ice Overlord, Earth Overlord
Wedding Outfit Quest 3 No Wedding Outfit Box Evul Frog, Earth Overlord, Ice Overlord, Energy Overlord
Mystery Gift Quest 3 No Mystery Gift Evul Frog, Daredevil, Ice Overlord, Earth Overlord, Energy Overlord
Rebirth Bow and Arrow Quest 5 No Rebirth Bow and Rebirth Arrow Archdruid, Troll Champion, High Disaster, Deadly Panda, Laffy Killer, Shorty, Energy Overlord
Expert Legs Quest 5 No Rebirth Legs Cursed Warrior, Daredevil, Laffy Killer, Archdruid, High Disaster, Grizzly Da Bear
Expert Armor Quest 5 No Rebirth Armor Laffy Killer, Bull Wolf, Archdruid, Dark Sorcerer, Unknown Freak, Troll Champion, High Disaster, Ice Overlord, Earth Overlord, Energy Overlord
Ring of Honour Quest 7 No Ring of Honour Laffy Killer, Deadly Panda, Daredevil, Almighty Force, Earth Overlord, Ice Overlord, Energy Overlord
Rich Legs Quest 12 Yes Rich Legs Archdruid, Fagot Barend, Big Foot, Rohans Monster, Fire Overlord
Rich Helmet Quest 12 Yes Rich Helmet Archdruid, Fagot Barend, Big Foot, Rohans Monster, Fire Overlord
Rich Armor Quest 12 Yes Rich Armor Archdruid, Fagot Barend, Big Foot, Rohans Monster, Fire Overlord
Rich Boots and Tokens Quest 12 Yes Rich Boots and 10 Forgotten Tokens Archdruid, Big Foot, Fagot Barend, Fire Overlord
Forever AOL Quest 10 Yes Forever AOL Eye Dont Hurt, Archdruid
Freeze Rune Quest 10 Yes Freeze Rune Eye Dont Hurt, Daredevil
Expert Shield Quest 10 Yes Rebirth Shield Cursed Warrior, Energy Overlord, Laffy Killer, Deadly Panda, Daredevil, Earth Overlord, Fire Overlord
Rangers Quest 3 Yes Rebirth Backpack Freak Ranges, Medusa
Legendary Wand Quest 5 Yes Legendary Wand Captain Sniper, Cursed Warrior, Troll Champion, Deadly Panda, Daredevil, Energy Overlord, Ice Overlord, Earth Overlord
Star Shooter Quest 5 Yes Star Shooter Warrior King, Quest Ranger, Dark Sorcerer, Egyptian Mummy, King Kong, Hellboy, Strong Freak
Addon Doll Quest 7 Yes Addon Doll Almighty Force, Snakebite Master, Archdruid, High Disaster, Fagot Barend, Big Foot

VIP City Quest Hub

Name Required rebirth VIP Reward Monsters

Ice Blast Spell Quest 1 Yes Ice Blast Spell High Disaster, Archdruid, Captain Sniper, Troll Champion
Thunderblast Spell Quest 10 Yes Thunderblast Spell Almighty Force, RoHaN'S BoDyGuArD, Earth Overlord, Rebirth Freak, Vincefag, Bitchy Hydra, Almighty Force, Fire Overlord, Archdruid
Thiery Spell Quest 20 Yes Thiery Spell Rebirth Freak, Energy Overlord, Rango, Devils Bounty Hunter, Archdruid, Spoderman
Kira Spell Quest 35 Yes Kira Spell Energy Overlord, Devils Bounty Hunter, Spoderman, Zed, Archdruid, Rebirth Freak, Splittzor
Fireblaze Spell Quest 50 Yes Fireblaze Spell Daredevil, Energy Overlord, Ice Overlord, High Disaster, Splittzor ,Spoderman, Zed
Forgotten Legend Spell Quest 100 Yes Forgotten Legend Spell Rango, Spoderman, Fizz, Fire Overlord, Zed, Basiq Bitch, Joe Da Hoe
Forgotten Helmet and Legs Quest 200 Yes Forgotten Helmet and Forgotten Legs Spoderman, Joe Da Hoe, Basiq Bitch, Zed, Rango, Splittzor, Artard
Forgotten Armor and Forgotten Shield Quest 200 Yes Forgotten Armor and Forgotten Shield Rango, Spoderman, Splittzor, Joe Da Hoe, Artard